Advocacy on behalf of others has always been at the very foundation of NCJW Atlanta Section’s work. Our members/advocates are deeply involved in many crucial social justice areas. They are striving for voter and ballot box protections, working tirelessly for reproductive health and justice, seeking fairness in redistricting and judicial appointments, engaged in public education, supporting maternal and children’s health, promoting gun safety and advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. As a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit organization, NCJW does not support or oppose candidates for public office or any political party. We engage in nonpartisan efforts to educate the community about issues that affect women, children, and families.


Reproductive Health & Justice

NCJW Atlanta works tirelessly for the rights of women to control their own reproductive health. We contact legislators to make our voices heard; we work with our coalition partners to support their direct work for abortion access; we educate our members/advocates through programs and projects on the issues surrounding women’s reproductive rights; we promote support for abortion access funding through resources such as the Jewish Fund for Abortion Access; and we work directly with 50+ Atlanta area clergy who represent NCJW’s Rabbis for Repro initiative, which includes  annual Repro Shabbat activities and teachings.

Teens 4 Repro Health

Teens 4 Repro Health is a school-year long program that empowers 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade female-identifying Jewish leaders to be positive change agents in the area of reproductive health for their peers and community. Participants will learn verified information regarding reproductive health and contraception from medical professionals. The teens will gain experience and skills in team collaboration, advocacy, event planning, presentation, and marketing. They will complete the program with the knowledge and confidence to talk to their peers as advocates for reproductive rights and contraception choices.

Space is limited for this popular program.

Applications are now being accepted through August 8.  Click here. 

Questions? Contact Program Chair Laura Kurlander-Nagel at

This program is funded in part by JumpSpark Atlanta.


Election Action

All advocacy work begins and ends at the ballot box, and NCJW Atlanta Section’s Election Action Committee is committed to making sure citizens are registered to vote and know their voting rights. Members/advocates lead letter-writing campaigns, visits to legislators, and direct work with partner agencies. During the Georgia legislative session, our Capital Action newsletter keeps members updated on hot topics at the legislature and opportunities to get involved with the issues that matter most to NCJW.